Do You Know Jesus?

There is nothing we can do to prepare for the trip to heaven. Some people think that they need to do things to get ready to meet God, like stopping a habit or ending some sin in their lives. At MCCC, we believe that we come to Christ in expectation of where Christ will take us. We believe the Bible when it says that it isn't the things that we do that prepare us, but Jesus’ work of mercy for us. Thankfully, there are no perfect people here, only people who decided to go on a journey with God, and since we’re all at different points in the process we have different needs, experiences, and strengths. That means that you can be comfortable here knowing we can relate to your experience, and we would love to see you on the journey with us.

Walking With Jesus

Every journey begins with a single step says the old proverb, and so it is with this journey. Coming to our church is not the step. It’s the door to the step. We would want you to leave here, knowing that you are loved by God and that he wants your love in return. We would want you to commit your life to walking with Jesus. To do that, you need to accept Jesus’ invitation to stop trusting in your own travel plans and accept his plan for your life. That means acknowledging that you cannot get to heaven by yourself. It means believing that Jesus paid the complete cost of your salvation. It means calling Jesus the one with the authority to plan the future for you. If you have done this today, would you let us know of your decision?

Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

While we are all on that journey, we need to let you know that we never will be what we were before Jesus met us. Jesus meets us where we are, but he doesn’t leave us there. Our experience is that God finds us in our sin and offers us his forgiveness and love. That changes us. Knowing we are forgiven and knowing that Jesus has paid such a high price for our forgiveness moves us to walk this journey with Jesus and in the way that he wants. So, we recognize that we are not in the same place anymore. We have different priorities and changing attitudes. We won’t make you think like us, we would prefer that you start thinking like Jesus. He changes people.

Know Jesus Better

Finally, there is no “finally” for us yet. By that we mean that no one here has arrived. We don’t have all of the answers, and we don’t necessarily do things the right way every time. We are not yet what we should be when we meet Jesus. Our purpose is to make the process of knowing Jesus better and more enjoyable. What we know is that someday we will meet Jesus and we want to be the best prepared that we can be to enjoy his company. It’s a process not a destination. We hope that you will walk with Jesus and to make our church family partners in your journey.